Will The Martingale System Make You Win

Will The Martingale System Make You Win

All casino games need a strategy which will shave the house edge and give the players a better chance of winning. However, not just any old strategy will do. Firstly, it needs to make sense for it to work. Secondly, it needs to suit the playing style of the user. And thirdly, it needs to reap financial returns. With this in mind, just how successful is the Martingale system

For Martingale newbies this system is well known system both online and offline. It’s been gracing the felts at major casinos worldwide, and some players swear by it where as others chastise its unreliability. The system is based on the money that is bet and the possibility of winning back losses by upping stakes.

How it works is as follows you select a table with the minimum stake that suits your pocket. You play your hand, betting the minimum stake only. If your hand wins then you bet the same amount again. If you lose you double the stake. This continues until you hit a win. Simple hey

Now let’s look at the realities. The law of averages says that there in any gambling scenario involving two people (the player and the dealer), there is a 5050 chance of winning. But the law of the casino knows better; the house always has the advantage. Therefore the house will win more hands than the player in an average scenario. This suggests the player will inevitably lose in the end.

Yet the doubling of the stake each time means that the returns are doubled also. The entire strategy is based upon this fact. Therefore, the doubling continues until a win is hit. When this happens, all the previous losses will be recuperated. The stake then returns to the original low amount and the player has a bigger bankroll. The player is ahead. Sounds like genius, correct

Well, almost; spot the deliberate mistake yet What the Martingale system does not account for is a complete loss of funds. The system requires a player to have a sturdy bankroll for it to work. Doubling after losses may make sense, but it is not necessarily as viable an option as you would expect. What happens if the player runs out of money before a win is hit There will have been minimal time at the tables and you are out of the game.

The Martingale system has proved successful for many a player, but these players have a big balance initially to be able to make it work. The alternative for players with a shorter stack is to play at micro tables online. The downfall of this is that it is not going to win you big bucks…and assuming you’re in it for the money.

This Poker, That Poker…Which Poker

This Poker, That Poker…Which Poker

Around my poker table last night we decided that we were going to purchase for the next poker night a small white board. We would write on this white board which game we were playing (we play dealers choice, and it can change with every game), what that game basically looks like (we get very confused), and what the wilds are if there are any. So, I figured that if we needed something like that for our poker table, it might be useful for the rest of the poker world to have a little reference sheet that will tell them at a glance which poker is which. Here are some of the most popular internet poker games; this is not meant to be a description of how to play, but rather a quick reference resource so that you can can say, “oh yes, Caribbean Stud, that’s the one that…..”

Three Card Poker This is the one when you get to bet on either your hand, the dealers hand or both. If you make the Pair Plus Bet you need to have a pair or more, if you make the Ante bet you are betting against the dealer; you make the bet before the cards are dealt.

Caribbean Hold’em Poker This is a variation of Texas Hold’em and looks identical apart from the betting and winning. Most online casinos will have a progressive jackpot shared by Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Stud. Usually this works that a flush or better, that beats the dealer on the flop will give you a progressive jackpot win.

Caribbean Stud This looks just like a five card stud game, except with this one the dealer always has one card face up, and Caribbean Stud is solely against the dealer. Caribbean Stud also usually has a progressive jackpot option on internet sites accessible through the side pot.

Let’em Ride This is the one where you get 3 cards face up whilst the dealer receives 2 face down; one of which he turns over after the first round of betting. The dealer’s second card is flipped only after a final round of betting.

Pai Gow This is the one that always has a joker; you get 7 cards which you split into a 5 card and a 2 card hand….you compete against the dealer.

Obviously there are many more varieties, but these are the ones that I see most often on internet sites, and so these are the ones that I chose to summarize. There are heaps out there so it’s not surprising the confusion occurs; by identifying a few characteristic elements of each you will find it a lot easier to recognize and recall games in a flash when you need to.

The Black and Red Spinning Machine

The Black and Red Spinning Machine

One of Americans favourite pastimes is gambling, and each year Las Vegas and Atlantic City get millions of visitors hoping to strike it rich or just out to have a great time under the bright lights and amid the party atmosphere of casinos. If you have always been a poker player or stuck mostly to the slot machines, you may want to consider venturing over to the roulette wheel on your next visit to your favourite casino. The wheel has been a favourite for lots of folks for years, and the roulette wheel has been with us since the 1700s. The spinning colours and ability to place bets even while the wheel is still spinning (until the dealer says no more bets) add to the thrill and adventure of this classic casino gambling game.

The game itself is not that difficult to understand, so if you have been wary to try it out for fear of looking foolish just read up on the basics of the game and watch for a little while before you bet. It won’t be long before you will see all the fun you can have playing the odds (or against them, I suppose) and hoping for the ball to fall in just the right spot to make you a big winner.

Basically, the game is a simple one of numbers. The wheel is on the table next to the board where you place your chips. The board has rows and columns of squares, and each square is assigned a number. The numbers are 1, 2, 3…36, and there are also two green numbers, the 0 and the 00. The wheel also contains the 0, 00, and the numbers 1, 2, 3…36.

Play begins when bets are placed and the dealer sets the wheel to spinning in one direction and sets the ball to spinning (in the opposite direction from the wheel) in a groove in the wheel. Of course, the ball will stop after a few minutes, and therein lays the game. You are trying to guess or predict on which number the ball will land. There are a variety of ways to place wagers, and different people will tell you all different kinds of playing strategies. The most exciting play is also the simplest one; the straight-up bet is a wager wherein you pick the actual number; you simply place your chip on that square, and then if the ball lands on that number on the wheel, you win. You win big-time. You win 351. That means for every dollar you bet, the casino pays you back thirty-five dollars. See what I mean by exciting Pry yourself away from the slots and try your hand at roulette.